Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yes, I am a Fabric Addict

OK. Here are my fabrics (not laid out in my design). The corner tan-brown is a rust fabric. I will be adding patches of a few brights. I was planning this prior to reading about the rust challenge. It has a theme of  Prairie Winter and will be in my mother's Iowa home when finished. Sorry not to have gotten further, but on the bright side, I am having a good day after taking meds and Excedrin. Going to spend the next week in a cooler climate, then get back to putting this together. I have made a rough layout plan, but not sharing it now in case I deviate significantly!

Am expecting it will be approx 24"w x 36"l. 
I can suggest lots of words, but my "turn" last year was at the end. Carol?

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  1. Is the background circle fabric one that you've created??