Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Late Rust

After surviving a two-day moving sale, I am finally getting around to posting my offering for this challenge:

I have been doing a bit more experimenting with raw edge applique--no fusible, just fabric on fabric joined with thread, and, since those slightly frayed edges are the fabric equivalent of what happens with rust on metal,

I thought this might be appropriate for this challenge, although there is no rusted fabric in the piece nor even rust-colored fabric.

I started with a piece of snow-dyed fabric and then added bits of hand-dyes and lots of hand stitching, along with machine quilting on the background. It ended up being about 20 x 14".

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oops...I keep forgetting to post the new word. Despite my search for an alternative, this word keeps invading my consciousness...bandana...that's it...bandana! What do we think about a deadline? Mid to late November? Let me know what you all think!

Monday, September 2, 2013


I was inspired by the fabric strips that I have from cutting for another project. Just started weaving them together, and voila! I don't typically work with raw edges...not really my thing. But, "rust" is the place to do it, I think. Also decided to play with some hand stitching. Hope this photo works...kept cutting off an edge. I'm about to find out!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Remember me?

I apologize for being a very silent member of the group this summer. We have had quite a busy time settling into our new house and August became just a physically and emotionally exhausting month with health, dog, and house-related issues culminating in a tree falling on our house a week ago. All is well now and there was a remarkably small amount of damage done, given the size of the tree, but I have just needed to catch my breath and try to gain some perspective.

I also have to admit that I have not worked on a rust project--thought a while about it, but then it didn't happen.  I did get a couple of pieces done, though, and,  if I recall correctly, we said we could post other projects. Let me know if I am misremembering.  Otherwise, I will get a post together in the next couple of days.


Rust in progress

My piece is under construction. Have done most of quilting. Hope to post tomorrow. I think it's my turn to choose a word. Will post it when rust is done.