Thursday, May 3, 2012

Third Challenge Theme

Sorry for the delay !! I just did not realize it's my turn already ;-)) Thanks to Madalene for that email that put me into motion! For a while I was thinking "what should I pick??" ... and than "my word for 2012" came to my mind! So - how about


What I love about it are all those different meanings the word can have - and to me, most of them are very happy ones. So, I hope you have fun playing with "light" ;-))

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

word for May

Hi Frauke,

Do you have our word for May?  I need all the thinking time I can get.


From Carol

Penny's Serendipity Quilt

This is my second attempt at "serendipity."  The first was a flower (picture to be posted later) that turned into a dead end.  I had decided to just sew stuff together and it was coming along fine until I couldn't figure out what to do next.  It will be a very nice 8" x 8" quilt.

So I moved on.  Serendipity reminds me of parties, birthdays, and, hence, cakes.  This one was supposed to be a seven layer cake but that didn't work either so its a six layer cake.  It was kind of plain so I decorated the cake and added some flowers with Wonder Under. 

I'm not sure I got the perspective right - I always have trouble with perspective - and it was a little small so I added borders.  Also, I'm really getting better at free-hand quilting.  It's so nice to have a project you can finish in a short time.