Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm ready to go with the "Rust" theme! Lots of possibilities! The August deadline sounds good now...let's see if I can avoid waiting until the last minute! I took sketching and watercolor for the sketchbook with Jane LaFazio (online) a couple of months ago and loved it! I'm planning to sign up for her mixed media sketchbook workshop online. That one starts in June.Would love to "see" any of you there!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

late late late for transformation


I started working with the FEATHER image.   When I find FEATHERS I feel they are from "beyond"......maybe messages.   A kind of transformation.     In a class with Lonni Rossi we experimented with thermofax images and discharging and I chose to have a FEATHER image  to work with.   Since that time I have created a few FEATHER MESSAGES and this was the first one.   One of them will be on the SAQA auction and one on the QUILT ALLIANCE auction.....and I am making more of them.   Transformation for me to work with one image for awhile.............

So, here it is.   I'm sorry I'm late.   Deborah seemed to think it was my turn for the next WORD.   If it is, I chose the word RUST.   Either in process or translation......RUST................   whatever size you want.   Maybe due in end of August.....so you'd have the summer to RUST!    Or is that too long?

I will take time now to look at the other posts.   I can see there is alot of inspiring work here!

I've taken lots of RUST pictures and am anxious to interpret that into fabric............hope you have fun with it also......
Carol Esch

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Projects & Misc

Here is a mini fabric collage made at the end of my class with Joan Schulze at Alegre retreat 2 weeks ago. She is an illuminated designer and illuminated teacher. Though her teaching career has now ended, she will be continuing to produce wonderful work in her CA studio. Her class and the stay at Gateway Canyons Resort was a true blessing to me. We made lots of fiber & paper through various transfer techniques as well as monoprinting. I have lots for upcoming projects. This one has an accompanying poem I created called Swords & Songs.
Here is a photo of my design board from the class. It has a lot of the classwork. Papers and fabrics are hung in "booklets." Early projects included how to make a mini-handsewn paper 8 page book and how to use that technique to find interesting abstract patterns from folding a page of B&W paper collage photocopy.
My other time and energy-consuming art projects have been landscaping at our house and our son's house for the past month and a new bathroom at my mom's house- several states away- over the winter. 3D art! We are fortunate to be able to do these things, but I'm ready to just quilt and paint.
How about an update from everyone else? Deborah is interested in another challenge. Happy May Day!