Friday, August 23, 2013


Iwill really try to share something by month's end, but it may only be a photo of my fabrics and notes for design. The last 2 months I have been in bed more than not. Lots of blood tests and dr. visits lately. May be as simple as extra low thyroid but I also have Sjogren's Syndrome that gives issues. Planning go see a rheumatologist, but last week our house got hit by a lightning-caused huge electrical surge and hail. Lots of damage. All repairable, replaceable. Just a pain. But Ross was standing in his office when it came in through wiring. He said he felt he had been hit with electroshock paddle. Thank God it wasn't harmful. He flew the next day. So we have been spending all our time getting things in order and talking to insurance and reminding ourselves how lucky we are. We have a high deductible on our homeower's policy, but the costs will be far over that. We are blessed to be able to just pay the dif.
I had done a very stupid thing, though. After moving several times since I bought my Bernina 1630 in 1997 or so, I had somehow not remembered on the last move to plug it into a surge protector this time. Most of the electrical items in the house that got their circuits fried were connected to surge protectors, so it might not have mattered. But I will always unplug mine when not in use from now on. So today I took it in to Bernina repair shop. They expect to have to send it to the factory. It might be 2 months before I get it back. They don't have a loaner either.  I am considering actually buying the 750 now and selling the shop the 1630 after it has been repaired instead of the usual trade-in deal at time of purchase. I have been lusting after a stitch regulator and a bigger throat for quite awhile. Just hard on top of other expenses. Alternatively, I still have a rough working machine I gave my daughter when she was 10. So the 750 may be another 65th birthday from-me-to-me gift. That day was yesterday. I feel that I've officially entered my Act III, but it's just fine. Renewed zest for doing what gives me and others joy. Really hope your summers are going more smoothly!!!!

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  1. Dear Sher,

    My heart goes out to you and your family! So sorry to hear about all of these challenges. I am familiar with Sjogren's through my work as a speech-language pathologist. It does indeed create difficulty! Hope you are all recovering from the lightning strike!I haven't done more than mental mulling for my "Rust" piece. Only 6 days left, and I'll be at work for 4 of them! I hope to come up with something! I won't be going to Greenville Arms before year's end. I've signed up for a workshop with Cynthia Corbin in Bennington, which is a 30-minute drive from me! Focus of class is finding one's artistic voice. I've heard she is a fabulous, heart-driven teacher. Enjoy summer's end! I hate to see it go,as always. It's so short here in the northeast!