Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RUST challenge

I take alot of RUST pictures but for this I found one on pinterest that inspired me.   I think it is mildly successful as an interpretation of the colors.   There is some rusted fabric in the piece, however, it is very difficult to sew through and hard on the sewing machine.   I love RUST..........   I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's piece with RUST as an inspiration.  And we need to know who's up next for a word or whatever challenge you decide........
Carol Esch
back with inspiration photo (sideways!)


  1. Hi Carol,

    This is great! Much happier than most rust I encounter...I hope to have something to post by this weekend...we'll see what happens!

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  4. I am really losing my mind. Just wrote a long comment that seems to have gotten lost in cyber space. Anyway, I love this, Carol. Is the B&W the backside? I love that too with the rust stripey photo. I love the urban, colorful "grunge" look of the raw edges. It's rustically elegant.
    Today I have new thyroid meds, cortisol med and a new Bernina. It's going to be a good Autumn after a horrid summer. Now, if the temps would just leave the 100s and hi 90s.
    So I will publish my fabrics tomorrow or Sat.(a ridiculously huge assortment) and republish when it is sewn together.

  5. Love the range of colors in this. I particularly like how you used that one sort of focal strip of black with the two rust-colored rectangles. I had also heard that rusted fabric was tough on a sewing machine and was wondering if it was indeed true--now I know.