Sunday, July 22, 2012

Challenge 4 from Penny

This was the first idea I had when I saw the word 'light'.  I rejected it as being too literal and went on to several more ideas.  Nothing jelled. Finally, while I was in Maine, I went back to this idea and I like it very much.  I used two colorways of the Kaffe Fasset fabric 'paperweights' and matched the lighter to the darker to make the light shine.  That was the most fun.  The light filament was embroidered with metallic thread and highlights were added with fabric pastels.  I quilted rays of light with yellow thread.

The fabric pastels were not very satisfactory as they were not as crisp as I had hoped.  I would use fabric paints instead.

This piece was really fun to do once I got over trying to do something that wasn't in my nature.  Perhaps I'll always be 'literal' in my art and I might as well embrace who I am.

I would also like to apologize for being so late.  Bursitis, muscle relaxants (which kept me zoned out), Lyme disease, all interfered with my getting this done.  Once I got over those hurdles, I went to Maine and got moving.  thank you all for being patient.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Word #4

I didn't realize how difficult a task choosing a word would be.  I have been thinking about it--and rejecting possible words--for a while.  I finally chose one and then was giving Penny some time to get her quilt done. But she has assured me it will be a few a more days before she is ready to post a picture.

So, my creative friends, here is our next word: reflection.

Hope it is a source of inspiration to us all!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Path to Light

I did finish this one, but am doing a companion piece to incorporate the following poem that I wrote to convey what I was trying to express. Life has challenges for all of us; this past 5 weeks were so hard for me I didn't feel like doing anything artistic. Finally I "found" some strength in spiritual thoughts. I began thinking of a simple crucifix form, but it morphed as I worked the mosaic path pieces. I used leftover fabric I had from Katie P M's method of 7 oz. canvas treated with GAC 100 and painted with acrylic paint. I added highlights of iridescent paintstick to some pieces, others are just my paint-blended colors. She teaches this method for creating fabric in her stitiched paintings workshop that I took last Fall. You can also find it on the net. I stitched my mosaic "stones" to black duck fabric instead of sewing them to each other. I just backed it with black felt since it was rather thick already. I quilted all but the whitish the stones with a charcoal thread. Used a silver thread on the white. Had a good time making this and it brought me out of my funk. Thanks for that, group.
We seek all our lives
A path to the Light.
With Faith we trust
It is not beyond but within us,
And we, within Light's sight.