Sunday, July 1, 2012

Path to Light

I did finish this one, but am doing a companion piece to incorporate the following poem that I wrote to convey what I was trying to express. Life has challenges for all of us; this past 5 weeks were so hard for me I didn't feel like doing anything artistic. Finally I "found" some strength in spiritual thoughts. I began thinking of a simple crucifix form, but it morphed as I worked the mosaic path pieces. I used leftover fabric I had from Katie P M's method of 7 oz. canvas treated with GAC 100 and painted with acrylic paint. I added highlights of iridescent paintstick to some pieces, others are just my paint-blended colors. She teaches this method for creating fabric in her stitiched paintings workshop that I took last Fall. You can also find it on the net. I stitched my mosaic "stones" to black duck fabric instead of sewing them to each other. I just backed it with black felt since it was rather thick already. I quilted all but the whitish the stones with a charcoal thread. Used a silver thread on the white. Had a good time making this and it brought me out of my funk. Thanks for that, group.
We seek all our lives
A path to the Light.
With Faith we trust
It is not beyond but within us,
And we, within Light's sight.


  1. This is amazing, Sher--a really powerful piece. Your color choice and and composition speak volumes. And I am intrigued by using canvas for piecing. It really works here! (Love the poem, too.)

  2. I just clicked on the picture to see more detail - wow! It truly speaks to me on its own. Knowing a tiny bit about its history makes it even more meaningful. I love how you highlighted some pieces with paintstick.

  3. Sher,what a strong piece! It is so cohesive; I can't find a weakness. What a cool technique/exploration!

  4. Very interesting...........I can't wait to see in person!!!!! I love the mosaic look of it and the interpretation of light...............I'm wondering if TOWARD the light or AWAY from the light........and with red socks or shoes or interesting touch!