Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Light" - the third challenge

Before I started writing this post, I looked through the already posted "light"-themed quilts. And I had to grin when I saw Madalene's quilt ;-)) One glimpse at my quilt, and I guess you know why I grinned ?
Some of you may know that I mostly work with bright, vivid colours. But after I thought about my theme for a while, I started to ask "what if?" What if I started with white and only used some light, muted colors? I guess I just wanted to know whether I could work with such a restricted palette!
My starting point were white linen and white batting - and my embellisher. Next came white cotton jersey, a crinkly quality. And a light blue very thin curtain fabric made from polyester. The cotton was felted on the piece; the blue polyester was put on the back and felted through. Then I painted the bottom part with a light green acrylic. I added quilting to give an idea of hills in the foreground. The last step by machine were the rays of light, done with a metallic thread and straight stitching.
For a bit more interest, I glued the white flowers on. I'm sorry about the not-so-good-picture, but I had to hurry ;-)) a thunderstorm was coming up!


  1. I did smile when I saw your quilt--because it was the flip side of the coin from mine and because I was expecting lots and lots of strong color and here was a complete surprise. I like your little experiment with its hints of color, strong rays of light, and texture of many kinds.

  2. Thanks Madalene! I just got curious whether I could do a quilt with only very light colours and still like it. Hope I'll be able to take a better picture eventually ... we are still having lots of rain, and this quilt needs daylight for a true color picture ;-))

  3. Frauke,I love the way you explored contrast with such a limited value range! The touches of paint and the stitching add wonderful elements.

  4. Thank you Deborah! to me, that limited value range was a challenge - but I like the result (and I'm glad my embellisher got some work to do !!)

  5. I feel like I'm on vacation and looking out at the rain........wonderful ethereal quality. I've never worked in such LIGHT colors either.....a real challenge and nicely has a real "feel" to it......