Sunday, July 22, 2012

Challenge 4 from Penny

This was the first idea I had when I saw the word 'light'.  I rejected it as being too literal and went on to several more ideas.  Nothing jelled. Finally, while I was in Maine, I went back to this idea and I like it very much.  I used two colorways of the Kaffe Fasset fabric 'paperweights' and matched the lighter to the darker to make the light shine.  That was the most fun.  The light filament was embroidered with metallic thread and highlights were added with fabric pastels.  I quilted rays of light with yellow thread.

The fabric pastels were not very satisfactory as they were not as crisp as I had hoped.  I would use fabric paints instead.

This piece was really fun to do once I got over trying to do something that wasn't in my nature.  Perhaps I'll always be 'literal' in my art and I might as well embrace who I am.

I would also like to apologize for being so late.  Bursitis, muscle relaxants (which kept me zoned out), Lyme disease, all interfered with my getting this done.  Once I got over those hurdles, I went to Maine and got moving.  thank you all for being patient.



  1. Hi Penny...welcome back! So glad you're feeling better. Very clever the way the "lighter" fabric represents the lightbulb effect. It looks great! As I am learning,a literal interpretation is just one form; it's no better or worse than anything else just because of its nature. The process of creating each piece is a wonderful learning opportunity if we remain open to what might unfold. Nice work!

  2. I can't see anything wrong with being literal--and creating a light bulb in fabric is not exactly an easy thing to do but you accomplished it in quite a creative way, complete with a halo of light around it. I love all that circly Kaffe Fassett fabric that echoes that circle of light. Nice job on that filament, too!

  3. Your piece was well worth the wait ;-)) I like it very much! What is wrong with literal interpretation ? glad to hear you're feeling better !!