Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I began to contemplate the word "connection," I had a great deal of trouble settling on an image but ultimately what kept coming up on my interior screen was a picture of two entities spiraling into each other, forming a growing and deep connection, and so that was what I set about to make, in between a whole lot of other commitments I had somehow made for January and February:

As the project progressed, I added some more symbols of connection--I had a lot of fun braiding the gold thread and, instead of quilting the interior areas of the two elements, making a pattern of woven pearl cotton.

And the grouping of six of the little asterisk shapes near the bottom of the quilt was not an accident.

I named it "Metaphor" because early on I thought of this as a kind of physical representation of metaphor, a deep connection between seemingly unconnected things.  The quilt is 10 x 16" (I like the shape!) and made from my hand-dyes.

And now I have finished my contribution, I can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with!  Thanks, Carol, for coming up with a great word for our first endeavor.


  1. Madalene,

    Your images remind me of neurons with their interconnected parts that don't quite touch. Very cool.

  2. So beautiful ... when I got my first glimpse, I thought, this could be Madalene's? And yes, it is ;-)) The combination of techniques is inspiring, and your use of color always faszinates me!

  3. I like the beginnings of the swirl.....can see it continuing of us!

  4. So much energy, Madalene!Interesting balance created by the grids. Everything works together quite nicely!