Saturday, February 18, 2012

Connection challenge

I I I have a few pictures of a mostly finished CONNECTION project. Not TOO involved but I found some fabric I purchased from Spoonflower awhile ago and decided it fit into the "golden mean" ratio and worked with that.....and some gold thread, and some gold rings which I have connected to the quilt! As soon as I figure this all out again, I will post the pictures...........I am posting!


  1. I used the round metal pieces from a broken safety pin bracelet.....that is what is sitting on top of piece at one point. All "connected" together!

    I am looking forward to the new "word" tomorrow....... I am hanging a small show that six of us are doing in New Jersey tomorrow.........that will be my first show at 70! Never too late is it? And being creative is my passion.

  2. How clever to use the Fibonacci spiral for the first of our challenges--a real connection there. The fabric is beautiful! Was this fabric you designed? Those little metal circles add just the right touch of embellishment that make your quilting stand out as well. Love the little tail in the upper corner--and the whole quilt!

  3. Ahhh, of course...the golden mean! A lovely piece. Your quilting stitches are so even! And all those gold put some time into this! The tail in the corner provides the needed balance!