Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's still 29 February!

After having ruminated about the possible meanings and representations of "connection", I couldn't escape the realization that, ultimately, everything is connected. Hence, the familiar, perhaps overused, symbol. It is an expression of one aspect of myself that I continue to attempt to modify, and that is my literalness! Working with you all in this challenge group will afford the opportunity to continue to stretch my boundaries in that arena as well as in others!
I love the visual effect of satin stitching; that may be what I consider most successful here. Although, I struggled with thread breakage when using the purple thread. Despite a couple of needle changes and several tension changes, the breakage persisted. No problem with the green thread. Still not sure what the problem was.
The other nod to connection here involves my appreciation of my grandmother who was an amazing seamstress. She was sent away from her family home by her stepmother at age 13, this was in the mid 1800's, to learn this trade to help with financial support of her family. (She died when I was in high school; I didn't know her well.)The small purple circles are genuine 1930's fabric that she had cut into Sunbonnet Sue shapes in preparation for applique. She actually cut, turned and basted the 3 small circles. I've left the white basting thread intact. Alas, Sue's bonnet was sacrificed for the larger circle. I'm not sure whether Grandma would be proud or appalled!

I'll toss a new word out tomorrow!


  1. I knew you would make it, Deborah! Very cool quilt--I like the way the yin/yang expands beyond the borders, suggesting larger meanings, but it also has a kind of planetary feel to it with the dark blue background and the smaller circles floating above and below. I love the connection with your grandmother.

  2. What a lovely piece! I love your interpretation, and using some fabric from your grandmother is truly a connection over time!

  3. What grandmother wouldn't be proud with a testament like yours. The connection with her is so strong.

  4. Love the color choice also with an Asian feel...eas connects to west.....nice.

    Looking for new word........