Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bandana Memories sequel

I made a few minor changes to the top, quilted with mostly meandering and bound it with zig zag stitiching- 2 layers of black and 1 each of 2 different variegated threads. Then I decided it was OK but a bit small (12"w x 13" tall) for all the effort and too small for my wall space. So I made a Jean Wells type of quilt "frame" - separate quilt and hand-stitched the edges of the small one to the larger. The fused small one has Quilter's Dream cotton batting, which works well for heavy fusing. I used Hobbs wool in the larger for a little more loft in it. It's on my LR wall. Overall size is 18"w 21" tall. One lesson for me is how important scale is. This is mostly viewed up close and works well that way, but when viewed from 20' away in my kitchen the detail is all lost which is expected. But it reads as blocks of blues, blocks f creams, blocks of greens, etc around the red shed. When I do a larger one that this was practice for, I will try to have more of the main colors in more areas while still trying to keep good sized patches of colors. I will need larger pieces. Also should give me more options for quilting lines. I welcome critiques.

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  1. Sher, this is wonderful! You've incorporated collage elements beautifully! The red triangles really add to the feel of whizzing across the plains! Show us the large version, too!