Monday, October 28, 2013

"Bandana" Memory Collage

Since I am always late, I am trying to get this posted early. It is only "pieced," not quilted yet. I fused it. I got inspired to follow the memories of young me on my parents' first farm in Iowa. I was always happiest outside, flying around the rusty machinery and barn buildings on my own legs or my trike, my head wrapped in scarf or bandana due to ear-aches from the wind. Although too young to verbalise it then, I treasured adventure, fresh air, the colors and landscape. That has remained a constant throughout my life.
I took 2 digital photos locally in TX not IA - a rusty,
blue trash bin and a rusty, red metal shed; printed them on my ink jet and incorporated them in my collage. There are some reddish, triangular bandanas flying around the piece too. I took Sue Benner's 2 day workshop Cut & Collage last month. I started a large piece, but came home and realized I could do a smaller one to practice and get back into it on my own plus have a smaller one to quilt before tackling the large fused one. She warned us that edges can get caught easily when machine quilting, as I will do. This ended up to be 12"w x 13" high. Will finish it with multiple layers of zig-zag stitched edges after quilting. It is easier for me to do this without working to an exact size for now. It feels like painting with fabric, and is very addictive. I completed the top in 2 1/2 hours, not counting the digital photo taking and printing. I used leftover pre-fused fabric I had prepared for Sue's class. Very good for me to do small pieces, then go big.Which I want to do. Going to be at IQF for next 4 days.


  1. If my turn ( and it might not be), I suggest "Passage" as our next inspiration word.

  2. I apologize. Had major senior moments and thought Bandana was due Oct 31st so I posted. So now I have time to quilt it!