Saturday, May 4, 2013

late late late for transformation


I started working with the FEATHER image.   When I find FEATHERS I feel they are from "beyond"......maybe messages.   A kind of transformation.     In a class with Lonni Rossi we experimented with thermofax images and discharging and I chose to have a FEATHER image  to work with.   Since that time I have created a few FEATHER MESSAGES and this was the first one.   One of them will be on the SAQA auction and one on the QUILT ALLIANCE auction.....and I am making more of them.   Transformation for me to work with one image for awhile.............

So, here it is.   I'm sorry I'm late.   Deborah seemed to think it was my turn for the next WORD.   If it is, I chose the word RUST.   Either in process or translation......RUST................   whatever size you want.   Maybe due in end of you'd have the summer to RUST!    Or is that too long?

I will take time now to look at the other posts.   I can see there is alot of inspiring work here!

I've taken lots of RUST pictures and am anxious to interpret that into fabric............hope you have fun with it also......
Carol Esch


  1. I saw the feather images you sent to Karen Musgrave and thought they were lovely and intriguing and you have certainly emphasized both those qualities here. And the black and white allows for such depth in the shadows. How big is it?

  2. Hi Carol,

    The ephemeral nature of this piece, on different levels, is quite appealing! I'm intrigued by the suggestion of feathers as bearers of messages! Nice inclusion of type, stitching and surface design! Looks like you had fun!