Friday, March 1, 2013

Pennsylvania Transformation Transformed

Something kept bothering me about my challenge piece so last night as I was going to bed I decided to try something else.  The middle section was not getting the amount of attention that I intended for it and so I put it on top of the other two:
Just putting the three panels side by side did not work for me, but I think this arrangement is a better reflection of my vision for this piece. And now it is lucky that I had not finished the backs of these panels because I think I will add another layer to the back of the middle panel to make it stand out more. As I start preparing to leave this beautiful part of the country, by the way, I find myself envisioning ways to capture some of the emotional feel of this place as this piece tries to do.

Let me know what you think about the new arrangement . . . .



  1. To me this newest transformation looks perfect!

  2. Brilliant. Would love to see a side profile and hear more how you did it. I love dimensional pieces.

  3. Love this arrangement much better - for me it looks complety new.

  4. Hi Madalene,

    I've been sick, thus my comment is overdue. This is a wonderful piece. The overlap is a good decision, I think. Love the snowflake...the perfect subtlety! Just one idea...despite the bits of color, the white is still a bit visually overwhelming to me. I might like to see another bit(s) of subtle color within the white field. Maybe you're going for the stronger impact?

    1. Sorry you have been sick, Deborah. Hope you are feeling better. I was going for a strong impact because the transformation of snow is pretty dramatic. There are about seven different whites in the snow section, including two glittery organzas and the difference showed up better on my design wall but in ordinary light or in a photo at a distance I agree that they read as all white. I thought about putting a light gray or light blue in the mix and probably should have but those looked too strong a contrast on the design wall.

  5. Beautiful piece Madalene! I like the overlay and the play with colors.........superb!

    Where are you moving?