Friday, November 30, 2012

If I am leaving Aruba for home today it must be November 30th and time to post November's GREEN work.   Luckily I did it as soon as it was announced so as not to worry that it wouldn't get done....have to admit I'm just like that!   I was reading Stupendous Stitching by Carol Ann Waugh and experimenting with my machine and realized that my work was on GREEN that became my challenge piece.   I had alot of fun doing it by machine along with some hand stitching and used yard to couch, etc.   I plan to do more of was not stressful and I could do some interesting things with all the stitching.   I was happy to take a class with Rosalie Dace and Sher Beller was in the class.   Rosalie stresses STITCHING so that worked also.   I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pieces and hope I can find my in iPhoto this morning with all that hundreds of pictures from Aruba! Wonderful holiday season to all!   

The picture doesn't look as GREEN as the REAL piece but trust's pretty GREEN!   Have a red and GREEN holiday coming up............


  1. I love the exuberance of this piece with all the colors and moving lines of varying thicknesses and the textures. I also like the bits of hand stitching you interspersed with the machine stitches.

  2. Gorgeous, Carol. it looks like you couched over doubled yarns; I'll have to try that. I did a simple sampler on black with multi-colored thread that last day of Rosalie. It was Kim's machine, so I want to play on mine now. I did order the book. thanks again for the On-line class link. Was your background fabric a thermofax screen that you printed in a blue-green? It looks cool. On-line it looks like Aruba colors.