Monday, October 1, 2012

Reflection - On American Conflicts

I had other, kinder & gentler ideas for using Reflection that weren't solidifying in my mind. I was/am affected by all the political polarity in our country and all the demonstrations and bombing of American embassies in the Middle East. So what surfaced in my fabric painting and stitiched & fused piecing is a reflection of conflict. I mounted the basic piece on denim that I slightly discharged with bleach. The quilt stitching does not show very well in the photo or on the piece, and I want to try to showcase the quilting itself more on my next piece. But I did have a good time with my acrylic painting and stamping.

I am envious of your northern, autumn weather. It's still too warm here, as usual.



  1. Nice use of media, Sher. The limited color palette highlights the stark reality of conflict. The denim lends a universal, utilitarian sort of air. Some repeated elements say reflection, too.

  2. You have certainly captured the sharpness of the conflict and the turmoil--and the red, white, and blue colors bring out the political aspect. I am seeing a bit of calmness in the background with the blue--maybe hope we can get through this?

  3. I love the composition - very strong, very balanced. And your use of colour truly suggests reflection about America to me. Glad to hear you had a great time working on this piece!