Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reflection from Frauke

This theme was a pretty hard one - not technically, but emotionally ...

My first idea was a pictorial reflection on water, I take pictures of them all the time. But ... something kept nagging at me. And more and more I realized I needed, I wanted to do something different.
So, my quilt shows the two different reflections of one and the same person: the top part shows what the world sees: an energetic, happy, active person. The bottom part shows how this same person sees its own self: a lonely human being, numb, no energy left. The red-and-white strip between the two is the German version of "Do not cross beyond this line" ;-))

A huge "THANK YOU !!" to Stefan Wensing, he allowed me to use one of his pictures he published on his blog. Just click on this link to see more of his work - he does wonderful work !!


  1. Wow. There is a lot of meaning in this little piece--and you have said it well. Your little people in all those great poses convey such energy and life--are they painted? Fused? And the contrast is strong with the lower image in the gray depths. Stefan Wensing does do some outstanding photographs. Thanks for sharing that link.

  2. Yes, Madalene, the little people are painted, and for the lonely one I used a picture transfer method: acrylic binder / copy of the picture / organza. As soon as I find the process pictures ... I'll post a bit more about the "how I did this one" on my blog and put the links into this post. I was a bit nervous about this piece, because it's so far away from what I normally do - so your comment means a lot to me, thank you !!!

  3. Frauke, you really captured contrast, here! You've expressed layers of meaning. The use of the "do not cross" tape is brilliant!