Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Penny's Serendipity Quilt

This is my second attempt at "serendipity."  The first was a flower (picture to be posted later) that turned into a dead end.  I had decided to just sew stuff together and it was coming along fine until I couldn't figure out what to do next.  It will be a very nice 8" x 8" quilt.

So I moved on.  Serendipity reminds me of parties, birthdays, and, hence, cakes.  This one was supposed to be a seven layer cake but that didn't work either so its a six layer cake.  It was kind of plain so I decorated the cake and added some flowers with Wonder Under. 

I'm not sure I got the perspective right - I always have trouble with perspective - and it was a little small so I added borders.  Also, I'm really getting better at free-hand quilting.  It's so nice to have a project you can finish in a short time.



  1. Penny,

    This is so happy! It does say celebration...and, yes...the quilting really spices it up!


  2. These are very celebratory colors! All those differently sized flowers keep your eye really moving around this piece.