Monday, April 30, 2012

Serendipity - oh yes !

To be honest - I had a really hard time to come up with an idea for this challenge ;-)) After a while and lots of fruitless consideration ... and while I started to give my studio a major spring clean ... a first vague idea started to form in my head. What if I only used what I "find" around? And make do? Hmmmmm ... a very old UFO turned up.
I cut it down to size ... and stared at it ... till I realized that it is spring outside ! Lovely weather - the sun is shining, fresh green everywhere! So - how about quilting plants?
After I was done with my quilting, I looked at my piece and liked it - so far. Of course it was not finished ... so I went back to organizing my studio. And yes, another lucky incidence happened - I found some artificial flowers I bought some years ago. I teared them apart ...
... and added some stems with couching. After I did the binding, I added the leaves (by sewing) and the flowers with hot glue. And here it is - my finished quilt "Serendipity" !!
A very old UFO and some other remnants - and the result is a happy, cheery little quilt! The size is about 16" x 14".
I'm pretty much relieved that I got my quilt done in time this time ;-)) - and I'm looking forward to see what you all have been up to!


  1. What a happy quilt............and just right for Spring AND this challenge.......great combinations and colors!

  2. It is indeed cheery! I love how your recycled background fabric forms a kind of horizon line with a very lively blue sky above. And your couched stems echo that great fuzzy binding. I also like that one flower at the very bottom. Great little quilt!

    1. Hi Madeline and Carol,
      How do I add an image or my photo to my comments? I'm so electronically challenged.

  3. Frauke,

    What a nice, cohesive piece resulting from varied elements! Love it!

  4. P.S....I love your sequential photos! So much fun to observe the process!

  5. I like the combination of brightness with the "natural" border and the contrast of straight line piecing with the rounded 3D flowers. You have spurred me to get out a UFO and do something with it!

    Now what's the new word for the next challenge? Apparently it's your turn to say.