Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It worked

OK. I think I'm in. I will try to upload a photo of me soon. Ugh. But really, thanks for setting up this blog, Madelene. I'm on a mission to finish the projects I started in Katie PM's workshop plus do my Christmas shopping, mailing, card sending, etc. and usual chores and still be pleasant to family this month. then I'll be off to a new project start with Art 1016. Whatever our word is, I do want to mindfully use the 1:1.6 ratio in the design.


  1. Hey! Welcome,Sher--it's working! Hope we all find lots of ways to remain pleasant among all the demands of this season.

  2. I tried uploading a photo several times but it didn't work...........no sure what to do...

  3. I see my picture on PROFILE but not actually ON the blog in the picture spot where MY picture should be.....

  4. I thought I posted a long intro but I don't see it up here.....word is


    Happy new year