Sunday, January 1, 2012

OK, Ready

Here's a non-very interesting photo of me, but it's allowing me to practice posting one. I am 63 years old, married for 33 years to an airline pilot. That has equated to fabulous/adventurous though broke early years, living in 10 states, and delaying having children. So we have a 20 year old adopted daughter from Chile and a 24 year old biological son. We have all livd in TX for the past 13 years, but I am originally from Iowa. Laina and we are on a large lake 40 miles north of Houston. Son is 15 miles away. I turned into super mom when it finally happened, so though I began traditional quilting 15 or so years ago and made my share of Log Cabins and bargellos I never went into production mode. Too many hours on Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, PTA boards, sports parent duties, traveling, and some more moves. Came down with the art quilt bug 3 years ago, but couldn't fit in finding any local non-traditional quilters to spend time with then. Have taken 5 day workshops from Carol Taylor and Katie Pasquini Masopust and a one day from Jean Wells. I have driven down to the Houston IQF every year for past 13 years. Looking forward to "Connections" with you.

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  1. Did you grow up anywhere near Keokuk--where I spent nine of my growing-up years? I envy your being so close to IQF. One of these years I will make it!