Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello from overseas !

Hi everybody! I'm very happy Madalene asked me to become a part of this group - I'm looking forward to an excitingchallenge-year! As I am the only one who never met any of the other 5 participants in real life, I'll do my best to introduce me and my work a bit.
I am mid-forty and live in the southern part of Germany. I got married in the last century ... Jens and me share our home with two wonderful cats, unfortunately, we could not have kids of our own. After I finished school I did an apprenticeship as a bookseller for two years, than I started university. Graduated with an MA in political and educational sciences, and started working in the advertising industry ... which was a not-so-good-idea. Now I'm working in the publishing industry, and I like my job!
I started quilting about 15 years ago. As many quilters I started with traditional quilting, but more and more I became fascinated with art quilts. There's a page on my blog that shows most of my quilts from the last years (here's the link!).
And this is the first quilt in a series I started last year: "And the occasional glimpse of orange" I'm still very happy with this one ...
OK - any questions? Just ask - I will answer most questions ;-))


  1. Love your work and the quilt in raynas looking forward to our new adventure.......

  2. Thanks Carol ! While DH and me spent some hours at a crowded spa yesterday, I started to think about our first challenge word ... guess working on this challenge will be very rewarding !

  3. Love your "glimpse of orange." I have spent the last 2 weeks thinking, probably over-thinking dozens and dozens of meanings and concepts. I see "connections" absolutely everywhere now. WOW. Very philosophical start for the year. So now the task is to pare down and choose which are most meaningful to me, and play with layouts and moods. I love having the structure of the word and size, but it's also a real challenge as I'm a newbie at that way of working. So good.