Saturday, June 30, 2012

deborah's light

Hi All,

I'm writing this Thursday evening as I'm preparing for a.m. departure tomorrow for my husband's family reunion. My quilt isn't quite done. I've begun some machine quilting... Will finish it and post another photo on Monday.

Anyway, I was inspired by the patterns of light on tree trunks and the forest floor. This quilt has diverged from the image I originally had in mind. Started with Jean Wells-inspired piecing with colors that spoke to me. Had planned more complicated representation of trees and shadows, but I was so pleased with the background, I hated to cut it up/cover it. Also, I didn't have time for more detailed piecing. So, I made some tree trunks and left it at that. The quilting will be fun!

Can't wait to see the others!



  1. Oh yes, I can understand why you did not want to cut into it - it's beautiful, I love the colors! Have fun with the quilting ;-))

  2. Great, happy colors in this piece! I agree that you shouldn't cover up that background with all its strong lines of energy. Love that little arc near the top. But those verticals (tree trunks) do give it a nice depth that I like as well, but I don't think you need more.

  3. I think you're traveling on a PATH.....I have that feeling looking at this piece........and I like the poles....I don't view them as trunks of trees for some reason......but I want to travel that road too....inviting...... And that curved piece, however you did wonderful with all the straight lines......very happy confident it!