Thursday, May 3, 2012

Third Challenge Theme

Sorry for the delay !! I just did not realize it's my turn already ;-)) Thanks to Madalene for that email that put me into motion! For a while I was thinking "what should I pick??" ... and than "my word for 2012" came to my mind! So - how about


What I love about it are all those different meanings the word can have - and to me, most of them are very happy ones. So, I hope you have fun playing with "light" ;-))


  1. Much can be done with this word. I am looking forward to contemplating it.

  2. Fun...I took some photographs that inspired a piece, which I finished last night........can't wait to see what everyone!

  3. time is getting close. my piece is done but not machine had a nervous breakdown! So I may submit without quilting......we'll see! Just a few days left to consider! LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!!!!!

    1. Very clever, Carol!! Sorry about your machine--hope it is easily fixed. I thought I had my piece almost done and then put it up on my design wall and realized it was working at all so I had to start over. I am liking this second attempt better.