Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello everyone,

I'm going to attempt to post my finished peice early as we have to be away next week in IL helping my husband get his mom's house ready to sell as she passed on last year. It is an especially challenging time for us as our daughter's issues keep escalating. I actually started and finished this piece last month, have started another Connections but won't finish it quickly so may go ahead and make it larger eventually. Right now it is hard to know when I will next get time for art. When I do, though, it is very good therapy for me.

I began this challenge with many so ideas that kept morphing, which is good. The longer I thought about it and made lists of all the connections I could think of, I had a diarrhea of concepts. Not good. After realizing a small piece is different from a large, I decided to go for symbolism with happy colors (I need happy now) and basic shapes, and contrast. A haiku instead of a sonnet. I do love to look at the work of others and I have a nagging feeling this piece is an amalgam of things I have seen somewhere. I enjoy it hanging in my daughter's room while she is away. I photographed it on the floor on white paper towels and they show up, so I won't do that again! The edges are straight, but look skewed in the photo. the photo is horizontal, but I've hung it vertically with the 2 stripes at the bottom. The piece is fused with Misty Fuse, made with all commercial fabrics plus netting. I mounted it by making it larger and wrapping the edges around a wooden 1"x1" frame, made by my husband. So the fusing, netting and fabric wrapped frame were all new for me to do. Looking forward to seeing your work.


  1. Sorry you are having difficulties. It is wonderful to be able to work out creatively....loving your piece....to me a lovely landscape in this direction......the colors are wonderful and I see the connection running through...all separate bright spots with a couple behind the connecting lines. Probably unconsciously representational of your life. Of course I am always interpreting! Thanks for your work and sharing

  2. What a beautiful piece! I love the colors and the shadowing of the netting. That background fabric is stunning. Those black and black-and-white stripes give a nice framework to the whole piece. It makes me smile.

  3. I love this piece - and I can well imagine it turned to a vertical orientation. Good luck for all the non-quilty stuff going on in your life right now ((hugs))

  4. Sher, your piece is sooo visually appealing! Love the happy colors! So many cool elements...And, the quilting complements everything perfectly!